Scandi Words and Phrases of Beauty Pt 3 – one good kurnutus deserves another

Worldly Scandifriend has been confined to a sick bed for most of this week, which has not been amusing. There’s nothing I like more than having some spare time to peruse and pore over dictionaries in the hopes of finding new worthy entries for the Scandi Words And Phrases Of Beauty feature. There’s nothing I like less than not having the strength to do it.

But where would I be without my good friends in my Finnish 2B class at Morley College near London’s South Bank? They – and our five-star teacher, Elina Aavikko – gave me the impetus for the latest feature in this series. Maybe this enhances the animal-orientated feel of our word analysis features to date, but we’re rather shameless about that. So behold kurnutus, the extremely onamatopoeic Finnish word for croak. An extremely apposite addition seeing as I have been lying in bed with an almighty sammakko in my throat all week.

In what is a leap year (karkausvuosi) after all

Please show your support wherever possible for your local adult education outlets at this difficult economic juncture – regardless of where you are reading this. Morley College has continued to pull out all the stops to offer courses in four of the five main Nordic languages, and it speaks volumes for the college that, given the sufficient interest from students in pursuing a second year course in Finnish upon completing the first, such a course was indeed made available. Our thanks to them.

Morley College - flying the adult education flag for 123 years and counting

Morley College - flying the adult education flag for 123 years and counting


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