Semla. Or laskiaispulla. Or Lent Bun. Or what you will.

I’m suffering from withdrawal symptoms bordering on the verily chronic because I haven’t had any Scandi-style Lent Buns so far this year. That’s semlor in Swedish, laskiaispulla in Finnish and many other things in various Nordic and Baltic tongues. Sadly, it may be a case of too little too late (or too little, too Lent?) given that we are already well into the forty days leading up to Easter. The most appropriate time for eating them (Shrove Tuesday-ish) has already been and gone.

As such, I apologise to Scandinavian Kitchen in London. They make semlor of the most diaphanous, delicate and delicious order and I’m sorry I didn’t get to buy any there this year; as agreed with one of their nice employees on the phone today, I can quite happily plug their 2013 vintage in the safe knowledge they will be just as good as they have ever been.

Maybe I’ll still strike gold – correction, maybe I’ll still strike cardomom, almond paste and cream and something similar. Seeing as I’m off to Iceland to tie the knot soon, it would have been nice if I had timed this with their equivalent, which also takes place just before Lent on the so-called bolludagar. As Iceland Chronicles points out, there appears to be a tradition of spanking – yes spanking – as part of adolescent demands for said buns. Hmmmmm. All I can say is that as far as I am concerned, Lent Buns would be a perfect complement to one’s marriage and should not synonymous with birching, flaying or anything else similar and completely inappropriate (however traditional).

Let's get married with these everywhere

Let's get married with these everywhere


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