Scandi Words and Phrases of Beauty, Part 4 – hello to Norwegian readers and their meadows

Vi ønsker å si hei til våre potensielle lesere i Norge. Vi beklager at vi ikke har skrevet så mye om Norge og norske ting nylig og vi håper at dere alle kan tilgi oss. Vårt skriftlig norsk er ikke perfekt – men vi håper at vi kan bruke ord for å beskrive hvor vakker ordet ‘gressmark’ er 🙂

In other words, we’d like to apologise to our potential readers in Norway for not having written about them and their country so much in this teething period for the blog. We hope that they can forgive us and that we can use whatever words we have to hand (and our far from flawless Norwegian) to extol the word ‘gressmark’ – as in meadow, pasture, grassland.

A very Norwegian gressmark

A very Norwegian gressmark

Of course ‘eng’ might just as easily do the trick. And yes, you’d probably make yourself understood with ‘gräsmark’ in Swedish. But that ever-so-slight-vital flattening of the accent in the Norwegian helps conjure up images of lush, gressy (a cross between grass and cress?) green fields – particularly apposite as spring is now here in the Northern Hemisphere. The inherent poetry of words is a subtle thing. We very much like it on this occasion – just as we like the soft rounding of the rs in karse (Norwegian for cress). It makes us think of round cressy petals inside crust-free sandwiches. Or indeed crust-free open-top sandwiches. That’s a very enticing vernal Nordic thought.

The green green karse of home

The green green karse of home


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