Thanks to I Heart Reykjavik for these sushi recommendations

We’ve had terribly expensive sushi in Oslo, wished it could have been slightly cheaper in Aberystwyth and been greeted by a crowd of ecstatically cheering sushi bar employees in Tokyo night after night (aw shucks – false modesty ahoy etc etc) – but we don’t personally have anything to tell you about sushi in Reykjavik. No point in us making up stuff on a subject where we’re not an authority at this stage.

However, we were delighted to see that I Heart Reykjavik has given a very useful lowdown on this particular subject. We thank our fellow blogger and hope you will peruse this link in its entirety. We note that the blogger has had disputes with their boyfriend regarding the superiority of sushi over THAT hot dog stall – suffice it to see that we were just about to eulogise THAT hot dog stall but that we are by constitution fair-minded here. And not so secret sushi guzzlers. Nice one.


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