A thanks to our readers – as a prequel to more considerations on Bron/Broen/The Bridge

Thanks to all of you who have sent the visitor figures for this website shooting upwards in the last week. There’s been a huge increase in traffic, and we appreciate that whilst a lot of you are interested in The Bridge and the latest musical exploits of Värttinä, you’ve been sifting through all the other things we’ve got on this site too. We’re extremely grateful for your support – we don’t take it for granted as we know we have to work hard to create interesting, readable and regular content in order to attract the interest. But thanks anyway.

 As Bron/Broen/The Bridge clearly has attracted a lot of public excitement and attention, we thought it would be appropriate to dwell on some of the themes we didn’t quite get to touch on here before. This will be up shortly and we hope it stimulates your interest in some way. Thanks again.


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