The sky’s the unlimited – great Oslo pics from NZ photographer

Further to recent posts, we’re only too happy to publicise the great Scandi-inspired blogging efforts of others – especially when they contain visual images of true resplendence.

Geoff Watt’s modesty (‘another Kiwi lost in London’) belies his photographic talent, and these pictures from the Opera House in Oslo have made us happy in spite of or because of the fact we haven’t been in Norway in three years and we feel we’re missing out on a lot. These images helped us get just that little fjord-inch closer.

Just check out the cloudy sky on these images. It really does seem interminable and helps partly cement our hypothesis that in the Nordic countries, nature is often so dominant that humans just seem incidental to proceedings. Only partly, however; the buildings and people in the various shots do conjure up a salient mood of defiance.

Otherwise that is one great cathedral of a sky – as if another almighty unaccounted-for part of space has negotiated its way into the earth’s atmosphere. No wonder we started thinking of a defining image from the Star Wars franchise – that of Cloud City (below). But for the fact this is a very real earth landscape that’s very genuinely photographed. Respect.

Photos don't get better than this. Oh, actually they do

Photos don’t get better than this. Oh, actually they do


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