Slight break – and some thanks

As you will have noticed, we haven’t put much stuff up on the blog recently, but we hope we can be excused. For every Worldly Scandifriend, there is a Mrs Worldly Scandifriend (or indeed a Doctor Worldly Scandifriend with a remarkable pedigree in medieval studies in her own right – check out her website).

Although we got married in Reykjavík in March of this year, we left it until the weekend just gone to celebrate properly with friends and family – this time in the glorious surroundings of rural West Berkshire in the UK. Preparing this party has taken up a good deal of our time – and we’re off to rural Sweden next week to re-affirm our Scandifriend credentials. So all of this has limited our blogging action.

Even so, we would like to thank all our readers worldwide for their remarkable support since we got the show on the road just over six months ago. We can’t quite believe we’ve had just under eight thousand readers from something approaching one hundred countries in that time. Our main job is to try and keep the blog intelligent, interesting and accessible – but we know the whole operation is made easier by people accessing what we put up here in the first place.

A heartfelt thankyou and a promise we will be back in action very shortly.

x A


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