Oh yes, we play Scandinavian music. The proof is here. Book us now

Any regular readers of this blog will know how passionate we are about Scandinavian music. In a nutshell, it’s what we like and it’s what we play. We play fourteen instruments between us (at the last count) and we’ve embraced an eclectic musical agenda (Jewish, Irish, Greek and English music included) for as long as we can remember – but we’ve reached the point where Scandi music will always be part of the equation.

Above you can see one half of Worldly Scandifriend wading into two of the excellent tunes in the sizeable compendium of Danish pols – in this case Engels Pols Totakt Pols numbers EJ-24 (also known as the tune to the Swedish children’s song Apan Heter Jocko) and EJ-53. As far as Scandinavian music goes, we tend to specialise in the fiddle and accordion combination, and we hope to have some footage by way of demonstration up shortly.

But remember this much, dudes. We’re always available for Scandinavian music gigs, or indeed world music gigs (that’s how Worldly Scandifriend got its name, we hasten to remind you). We’re based in the UK, but we’ll play anywhere if the money and the people both prove to our liking. As promised, there will be more footage here to follow shortly – but in the meantime, don’t be shy about making that booking. And yes, we WILL play A-ha, Roxette and Robyn. We’re not prudes, you know.

Wading into them tunes

                                                 Wading into them tunes


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