Yes. We missed you too. Here’s a reminder of what we do

We’ll be honest about this – it’s been no fun having been out of the blogosphere for the last three months. A good deal of that time has been spent looking for work (we need to update our profile accordingly on that front).

But! This is the same as to say that we spent a lot of our time engaged in highly relevant media analysis and insight work encompassing Sweden, Norway and Denmark. We were contracted by Precise Media, a major media monitoring firm based in London, UK, to look at no fewer than   6,000 articles across the national and regional press in all of those countries.

The specific nature of the work itself was to identify for a major PR firm, on behalf of one of the foremost pharmaceutical companies in the world, incidents of heroin substitute misuse across the Nordic countries between 2009 and 2012. The work itself gave us some sobering insights into the social problems caused by abuse of those drugs which are meant to provide help to those people who have fallen prey to heroin addiction in the first place (not to mention a fair bit of knowledge about nefarious cases of drug smuggling involving heroin substitutes).

We need to update our profile here accordingly, and we want to dwell in some detail here on some of our findings during the course of this in-depth analysis and insight work, but we would remind you at this point that we are available in this professional capacity on an ongoing basis. The work we carried out involved translating, editing, summarising and analysing large volumes of media content within extremely tight deadlines; we specialise in these fields and across the four mainland Nordic languages (Swedish, Norwegian, Danish and Finnish) to a marked degree, but that’s only part of it.

In other words, we can easily arrange to carry out work for you that involves Icelandic media content (or indeed any Icelandic language content), and we also excel in the sphere of creating keyword glossaries (as we did with this Precise project) for anyone wishing to initiate content searches for the purpose of media, insight or text analysis. We can also offer fluent German for exactly the same media analysis, insight, translating, editing, proofreading, and copywriting purposes (as we always like to say, combining our worldly qualities with our Scandifriendly ones).

It’s exactly a year since we started blogging. Because of the nature of our work in recent months, we would be candid about saying that this amounts to nine whole months of blogging rather than twelve; even so, we are glad that our anniversary has at least been marked by ongoing activity in the Scandisphere. We’ve missed interacting with you and we hope you will stay around for the long ride. We endeavour to take an interest in Scandi matters both cultural and professional and we will look to reflect that in the blog as it appears here. Your input and suggestions matter to us on every level; thank you for sticking around.


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