(At least) 23 England haikus ahead of April 23rd

It’s nearly April, it’s nearly April 23rd, it’s nearly William Shakespeare’s 450th birthday. The aim of this blog has always been to write about Scandinavia and beyond; given that we are based in England, much of what we engage with culturally on a day-to-day basis reflects our roots (Irish and Scottish as much as English).

As was the case last year, we are going on a brief Chaucer-like literary pilgrimage of sorts to write about different aspects of England in the run-up to St George’s Day and Shakespeare’s birthday. As such, there will be 23 England haiku poems published on this blog leading up to April 23rd – or, if you like, 26 England haikus leading up to 26th April, the day on which Shakespeare was baptised in Stratford-upon-Avon in 1564. Admittedly the numerical definition is blurred (that’s poetic licence for you). Who knows, there may even be a few bonus ball haikus taking the total to beyond 26. Either way, sit back and enjoy.




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