England Haiku Number 9: Windows, St Mary’s Church, Fairford

Primary coloured
Child-like transcendence is.. what?
English? Flemish? Both?

fairford church window 2

Above: stained glass windows at St Mary’s Church, Fairford, October 12th 2013.

There is no definitive answer to the question posed by this haiku, this mystery rendered even more frustrating (or intriguing) by the fact that these windows are a) part of the only entirely retained medieval glazing scheme in an English parish church and b) visually ravishing in detail. Speculation has frequently attributed the authorship of these windows to Barnard Flower, the first non-English King’s Glazier, but remains just that – speculation.

This article at the ever-excellent Vidimus sums up where we are with regards to this issue in the early 21st century and looks at some recent discoveries relating to the windows.



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