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This is important. It’s about what we can do for you 

The Worldly Scandifriend blog offers a great deal of fun for us: it enables us to discuss all themes Scandi and occasionally go off on a tangent to dwell upon matters of a more non-Scandi (and therefore worldly nature). But always tying all the bits together of course.

However, we do primarily consider ourselves a Scandinavian information and cultural services business – and we are open for business. Please see below for a range of the services we offer as of October 2012 and contact us if you’re interested in what we’re providing.

Business and Brand Profiling

Worldly Scandifriend can offer specialist business profiling that gives you an optimum online branding presence along with text that you can freely use for your own marketing needs. We will discuss with you the shape of your company and your own business and branding goals, and integrate them into a comprehensive online profile in which we chart what attracts us as marketing and branding experts to your particular brand offering. We have companies with a Scandinavian connection foremost in our sights – but as befits our ‘Worldly’ tag, we will also actively offer brand profiling services for those firms who have not yet become rooted in the Scandisphere (or who have big plans for the Scandinavian market at some point). Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

Translating, Proofreading and Editing 

Worldly Scandifriend offers a high-quality Nordic language translation service at competitive rates. Do not assume that because people in your target country speak English that they will understand exactly what you are talking about; make your text just that bit more professional with us. We will always offer our native-standard abilities in English and German as key business languages, but our main offering is our experience and prowess in Nordic language translation. We excel in translating Swedish, Norwegian and Danish content into English, and we can arrange translations into these languages from English whilst providing for Finnish and Icelandic. On top of that we can offer our proofreading service for those who want a translated or English-language text double-checked in painstaking yet time-efficient fashion. As seasoned proofreaders and editors, we can tighten up our text syntactically and factually and make it more stylish without actually changing the premise of the text. Contact us today to discuss your language and copy requirements and the services you’d like us to provide.

Cultural commentary and factual/historical research

If you are devising content with a specific Nordic theme – be it for a conference, TV programme, book or your own plain Scandifriend curiosity – we suggest that you come to Worldly Scandifriend for your research and commentary needs. Between us we possess formidable factual and historical resources specific to Scandinavia and the world beyond. We have over a decade’s experience of professional news monitoring and research combined with our long-standing interest in Scandinavia and our linguistic qualifications. To this we bring our expertise in historical research, backed up by professional archive research qualifications and an established presence in history academia. Our broadcasting and journalism experience means we are well primed to offer specialist cultural commentaries with the panache and pedigree you’d expect. Contact us today for more information.


Yes, music. As befits our Worldly Scandifriend tag, we specialise in playing Scandinavian folk and pop music and all other kinds of music besides. We’re available for the usual round of weddings, parties and bar mitzvahs (seriously – we have played a lot of klezmer music in our time) but our Scandifriend credentials are never far away. Looking to launch your Nordic-themed business or restaurant in style? Or just keen to make promotional and publicity events that little bit more special?  We beguile with Danish vals, Swedish polskas, Norwegian pols, Finnish masurkkas and – if you so wish – a capella Icelandic folk songs and thensome. Don’t be shy about requesting The Cardigans, A-ha, Abba or even Bjork – it’s what we’re here for. We play a dozen instruments between us and we have a sauna room or ten full of tunes. Contact us today if you want to make Scandifriends with us the musical way.

Tel: +44 777 3445015

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