About me

I currently work as a media analyst and as a German and Nordic languages translator in London. In the past, I’ve worked in broadcast journalism, in media research and monitoring, in billing, in specialist translation roles and in other foreign-language roles for multinationals. I’m a stickler for using the right words and the right data – which is reflected in the work I do.

Although my degree is in English and German and I have used both throughout my career, my specialist focus since 2002 has been the Nordic languages. I speak and write Swedish fluently and I specialise in translating from Swedish, Norwegian and Danish to English. I have studied Finnish to post-beginner level and I’m currently taking my first year of Icelandic classes. All help welcomed in language expertise from those who can offer it.

Whilst Nordic linguistics and culture are my vocation and passion, I have an eclectic remit – I’ve formally studied French, Spanish and Portuguese at one time or another, and I’ll happily look at Italian and Russian words until the blini bolognese comes home – or indeed any other foodstuff that might entice my attention as an obsessive cook and gastronome. 

I’ve written more than 150 songs in the last fifteen years and played them on a variety of instruments in a variety of styles in a variety of venues. I am pre-occupied with international affairs, but as an Anglo-Celtic mongrel, the scenery, beer and music of the UK and Ireland still mean a good deal to me. Hence the tag ‘Worldly Scandifriend’: I try and cater here for both this Nordic life and the global life beyond. Please stick around for the voyage – much appreciated.

5 thoughts on “About

  1. heissan!! is it you, aidan?!?!?!? judging by the ‘about me’, it so totally is!!!! well done! i’m now gonna go and read your blog from the beginning. vi ses!!

    • nice to hear from you and thanks for locating us and shrewdly identifying us. enjoy and please let us know if there’s anything you’d like to see up here! vi ses indeed!

  2. Of possible interest to scandiphiles is a recent BBC film about my favourite composer, Frederick Delius. Although he was born in Bradford of German parentage, his spiritual home was later Scandinavia, the landscape of which inspired his ‘Song of the High Hills’. The Danish conductor Bo Holten described Delius as ‘more of a Norwegian composer than any Norwegian I know.’ The film can still be watched at http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b01j0yys/Delius_Composer_Lover_Enigma/


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